Our group’s mission is to support all aspects of work done by the St Joseph Animal Control and Rescue staff. This includes working to increase animal adoption and redemption rates while minimizing the number of euthanized animals; educating our community regarding animal care and welfare issues; and helping care for the medical needs of all sick and injured animals that come through the Animal Shelter. Our vision is to one day be able to SAVE EVERY SAVEABLE ANIMAL!
Friends of the Animal Shelter of St Joseph, Inc

Some of our volunteers are at the Animal Shelter every possible minute while others find it stressful to do work there on a routine basis. Yet many different volunteer opportunities are available, no matter what your comfort level may be. All we ask of you is your consistent commitment of time and sincere effort.

One rewarding aspect of what we do involves community service. This includes:

  1. Sponsoring animal education and welfare awareness programs in our local schools to educate future animal owners.
  2. Participating in the Missouri Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway program on Highway 759 near the Animal Shelter.
  3. Showcasing adoptable animals to the public at local businesses and on television for a monthly special adoption day.
  4. Coordinating spay/neuter surgeries for low-income families in conjunction with Spay Day USA.
  5. Setting up information booths at local events throughout the year.
  6. Participating in local parades and festivals to promote the work we do.
  7. An annual creative fundraising project.
  8. Clean cat condos at Petco.

Our Main Goals