The Friends of the Animal Shelter of St. Joseph, Inc. was founded in 2000, our group’s mission is to support all aspects of work done by the Animal Shelter Staff.

This includes working to increase animal adoption and redemption rates while minimizing the number of euthanized animals; educating our community regarding animal care and welfare issues; and helping care for the medical needs of all sick and injured animals that come through the Animal Shelter.

Animals will be made available to a person based on submission of the adoption application to Animal Control and Rescue for that specific animal. Please access this website to see our adoptable pets. The animal in question will be made available for adoption by the first APPROVED application that was submitted for that pet. If the first adoption application is declined or decides they do not want the animal, the next application will be evaluated and so on until an application is approved and the animal is adopted. If we are unable to reach the first applicant and they do not return our call within 24 hours, we will move on to the next approved applicant.

An Adoption Application can be filled out for an animal during a hold period or when it is already available. If an application is completed for an animal that is being held as a stray or pending a case, the approved applicant will be notified when the animal becomes available for adoption. Approved applications that were not linked to an adoption will be held for six months from the date approved.

ADOPTION FEES FOR CATS/KITTENS: $5.00 to $102.50. What is included in my adoption fee:
• Spay or Neuter -$40-$50
• Rabies/FVRCP vaccinations-$15
• FeLV/FIV test: $25 (optional)
• Parasite Exam-$10
• Microchip-$7.50
• City registration and tag-$5 (if applicable)
• Adoption Fee-$5

ADOPTION FEES FOR DOGS/PUPPIES: $10.00 to $130.00. What is included in my adoption fee:
• Spay or Neuter-$65-$100
• Rabies/DA2PP vaccinations-$15
• Parasite Exam-$10
• Heartworm Test-$20
• Microchip-$7.50
• City registration and tag-$5 (if applicable)
• Adoption Fee-$10

You will need to create a new account in MYImpact. To do this you will need to enter a unique username to identify yourself to the system. You should select something that is easy for you to remember such as your email address or your name. Your username must be at least 6 characters long. If the name you enter is already in use by someone else, you will be prompted to choose another username. Once you create your account you will then need to fill out the volunteer application.

We are always looking for new or gently-used pet supplies! Common donated items include beds, blankets, towels, toys, newspaper, etc. Donated items must be gently used and acceptable condition with no visible frayed ends or damage. We also accept cleaning supplies like paper towels, household cleaner, etc. If you have any questions, please contact us at (816)-271-4877.

You can drop off supply donations anytime during business hours at the shelter, located at 701 Lower Lake Road St. Joseph, MO 64504